[pstricks] Drawing regular complex polytopes with PSTricks

jean-gabriel luque jean-gabriel.luque at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 27 14:09:57 CET 2008

 We have wrote a new package for PSTricks for drawing 2 dimensional
projection of complex regular polyopes (after the work of Coxeter).

The package consists in a library of macro for drawing the
projections. The complex polytopes appears in the study of the roots
systems and play a crucial role in many domains related to
mathematics and physics. These polytopes have been completely
described by Coxeter in his book "Regular Complex Polytopes". there
exist only a finite numbers of exceptional regular complex polytopes
(for example the ikos\ae dron) and some infinite series (for
example, one can construct multi-dimensional analogous of the
hypercube in any -finite- dimension). The library contains two
packages. The first, pst-coxcoor, is devoted to the exceptional
complex regular polytopes whose coordinates have been pre-computed.
The second,  pst-coxeterp, is devoted to the infinite series.

This package is located at 

One can find also other informations in the beautiful page of
Jean-Michel Sarlat:

To contact me, use the email given in the documentation of the

best wishes

Jean-gabriel Luque
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