[pstricks] Contribution for gantt-charts macro and a question on \ncline-filling

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Feb 20 21:09:27 CET 2008

Bas Dekker (TeXniek) schrieb:

> The contribution is a modification to the macro for the gantt-charts 
> into a new file which I put on the internet under:
> http://www.digifuga.nl/texnics/bd-gant.tex
> I added an argument to \PstGanttTask in order to give it a label 
> argument. This third argument is a label name for the GANTT-task. Within 
> the macro, four points are calculated for this label (say X): XStart, 
> XEnd, XTop, XBot, being the middle of the four mid points of the sides 
> of the rectangle.
> This way, it is easier to typeout dependencies between tasks, 
> represented by arrows, like Microsoft Project does. This can easily be 
> done by \ncangle{->}{XBot}{YStart}, for example.
> I also put a tex-example and a pdf file online:
> http://www.digifuga.nl/texnics/tst-gantt.tex
> http://www.digifuga.nl/texnics/tst-gantt.pdf
> This last file shows my question straight away: whenever I use ncline, a 
> white filling is als being drawn within the triangle formed by the two 
> points and their intersection for the angle lines.
> The documentation I have is not helping. My trick works well for tasks 
> which don't overlap too much. In the extreme example shown here, I have 
> an obvious problem.
> Does anyone know how to get the rid of this filling?

you'd set the fillstyle "solid" globally. The reason why
the polygon of \ncline is also filled

   \PstGanttTask[TaskOutsideLabel={III.h Interface CaMuS}]{0}{5}{3h}
   \PstGanttTask[TaskInsideLabel={IV. Pre-live 
   \PstGanttTask[TaskOutsideLabel={IV.b Data-entry content}]{4}{6}{4b}


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