[pstricks] Contribution for gantt-charts macro and a question on \ncline-filling

Bas Dekker (TeXniek) texnics at digifuga.nl
Wed Feb 20 14:22:15 CET 2008

Hello all,

I have a tiny contribution, and a question.

The contribution is a modification to the macro for the gantt-charts  
into a new file which I put on the internet under:


I added an argument to \PstGanttTask in order to give it a label  
argument. This third argument is a label name for the GANTT-task.  
Within the macro, four points are calculated for this label (say X):  
XStart, XEnd, XTop, XBot, being the middle of the four mid points of  
the sides of the rectangle.

This way, it is easier to typeout dependencies between tasks,  
represented by arrows, like Microsoft Project does. This can easily be  
done by \ncangle{->}{XBot}{YStart}, for example.

I also put a tex-example and a pdf file online:



This last file shows my question straight away: whenever I use ncline,  
a white filling is als being drawn within the triangle formed by the  
two points and their intersection for the angle lines.

The documentation I have is not helping. My trick works well for tasks  
which don't overlap too much. In the extreme example shown here, I  
have an obvious problem.

Does anyone know how to get the rid of this filling?

Thank you!

Bas Dekker
(sub-account voor TeXniek)

Vooruitstraat 109
NL 1441 GH Purmerend

+31 (0)6 25 00 32 78

texnics at digifuga.nl

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