[pstricks] Purchasing the PSTRICKS book by Hobert Vob

VAFA KHALIGHI vafa.khalighi at students.mq.edu.au
Tue Jan 29 02:00:56 CET 2008

First of all I have been using PStricks for sometimes and it really helps me
draw my diagrams. I even get paid because I draw all sort of mathematics and
physics diagrams for several institutions and I honestly would like to thank
Hobert Vob from the bottom of my heart for his contributions.

1- I just wanted to know is there any version of the text book that is
written in English and how can I buy it because I went through the homepage
of pstricks and it took me to a non-English store (maybe German)?

2- can please  anyone gives me a sample file so I can draw force between two
charges (including field lines) in one diagram and also another diagram of
a  motor (a metal arm subjected to a magnetic field)?
Best Wishes,
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