[pstricks] \pstVerb scope

Michelle Baert m.baert at free.fr
Thu Jan 17 10:28:16 CET 2008

Hi Herbert,

Thanks for "PSTricks 2008", it looks great !

My pst-erd project is well progressing.

I renamed things (tell me if there could be a conflict):

% ------- Crow's Foot Arrowheads names
% on - zero or more: ring and crow's foot
% in - one or more: dash and crow's foot
% oi - zero or one : ring and dash
% ii - exactly one : dash and dash
\edef\pst at arrowtable{\pst at arrowtable,no-on,ni-in,io-oi,ii-ii}

\psset at crowarrowsize{2pt 5}
\psset at crowarrowlength{10}
\psset at crowarrowinset{.4}

% main arrowhead routine:
%CrowFoot(reverse, optional, unique, inset, length, dim, num) 
\pst at def{CrowFoot}<...>
% 1..N cardinality (end)
\@namedef{psas at in}{%
    false false false \psk at crowarrowinset\space \psk at crowarrowlength
\space \psk at crowarrowsize\space     \tx at CrowFoot


The tx at CrowFoot ps code receives arguments set for 
each arrowhead "flavor", and calls subroutines: ring, dash, fork .
To minimize footprint, I define them in the ADict dictionary, which,
as far as I understood, is designed for that.
But there I have problems: 
When I use \pstVerb to include this ps code defining subroutines,
it works fine on first document page it is used, but then I get
ghostscript /undefined error.
Debugging the ps file produced by latex, it looks like all definitions I
made in \pstVerb block where cleared when starting a new page (maybe at
@endspecial ?). What's wrong ?

I could avoid this problem when replacing the \pstVerb block with
\pstheader{pst-erd.pro}. Is it the right way to do  it  ?

Looking at section 8 of pst-code.pdf, and page 2 of "Inside PSTricks",
I'd think the most portable way would be to use \ps at def, but:

When defined with ps at def{routine}, ps code is, on my system, replicated
in  ps output  for each invocation of tx at routine .  I'd prefer
to have a tx at routine ps procedure defined, but I don't know how to do
this, without modifying pstricks distribution itself.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,
Michelle Baert

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