[pstricks] \pstVerb scope

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jan 17 11:29:51 CET 2008

Michelle Baert schrieb:

> My pst-erd project is well progressing.
> I renamed things (tell me if there could be a conflict):
> --
> % ------- Crow's Foot Arrowheads names
> % on - zero or more: ring and crow's foot
> % in - one or more: dash and crow's foot
> % oi - zero or one : ring and dash
> % ii - exactly one : dash and dash
> \edef\pst at arrowtable{\pst at arrowtable,no-on,ni-in,io-oi,ii-ii}
> \psset at crowarrowsize{2pt 5}
> \psset at crowarrowlength{10}
> \psset at crowarrowinset{.4}

for _new_ packages you should use the pst-xkey syntax, e.g.:

\define at key[psset]{pst-erd}{crowarrowsize}{%
   \pst at expandafter\pst at getdimnum{#1} 0 {} {}\@nil
   \edef\psk at crowarrowsize{\pst at number\pst at dimg \pst at tempg}}
\psset{crowarrowsize=2pt 5}

\define at key[psset]{pst-erd}{crowarrowlength}{\pst at checknum{#1}\psk at arrowlength}

> When I use \pstVerb to include this ps code defining subroutines,
> it works fine on first document page it is used, but then I get
> ghostscript /undefined error.
> Debugging the ps file produced by latex, it looks like all definitions I
> made in \pstVerb block where cleared when starting a new page (maybe at
> @endspecial ?). What's wrong ?
> I could avoid this problem when replacing the \pstVerb block with
> \pstheader{pst-erd.pro}. Is it the right way to do  it  ?

yes, that makes always sense, when you have some
real PostScript procedures.

> Looking at section 8 of pst-code.pdf, and page 2 of "Inside PSTricks",
> I'd think the most portable way would be to use \ps at def, but:
> When defined with ps at def{routine}, ps code is, on my system, replicated
> in  ps output  for each invocation of tx at routine .  I'd prefer
> to have a tx at routine ps procedure defined, but I don't know how to do
> this, without modifying pstricks distribution itself.

your pst-erd.pro:

/tx at erdDict 10 dict def % reserves space for 10 definitions
tx at erdDict begin

/PSfunc { ... } def
/Another ... def


and then in your TeX file

\addto at pscode{
   tx at erdDict begin PSfunc ... Another ... end


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