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Diego Miyake msdiego00 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 17:16:37 CET 2007

Thank you Alan,
I've just found the error in my code: when I copied it from pst-news2007.pdf,
I also copied the line numbers... But I didn't get transparent objects as I
wanted, despite the correction...
I'll try pstricks-add package ;)


2007/12/7, Alan Ristow <ristow at ece.gatech.edu>:
> Diego Miyake wrote:
> >
> > Hello Everyone,
> > I was wondering if it is currently possible to draw using transparency
> > effects with pstricks, so I googled it and found this document:
> > http://perce.de/LaTeX/pstricks/pst-news2007.pdf
> > <http://perce.de/LaTeX/pstricks/pst-news2007.pdf>
> Note that this document has beta status and refers to a version of
> PSTricks that is still in beta. The transparency features require
> version 1.16b of PSTricks, while the current version on CTAN is 1.15. I
> believe Herbert has said he expects to officially release version 1.16
> by the end of the year.
> In the meantime, you have two options. One is to install the beta
> version, which you can do using the pstricks.tex and pstricks.pro files
> from the same directory where you found pst-news2007.pdf. The other
> option is to use the transparency features in the pstricks-add package.
> I have done the latter with great success.
> Alan
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