[pstricks] using braces from pstricks-add

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Mon Nov 12 11:45:35 CET 2007

Alexander Bergolth schrieb:

> How did you calculate the negative extra space (-25pt) to obtain "empty
> lines"? rowsep is 0.8cm but if I chose [-0.8cm] for the empty line, the
> resulting space between the lines is still about 0.2cm more than without
> the empty line. Is there any other spacing like a minimum row heigth
> that I have to subtract?

no, it needs some experience or trial and error.
It maybe easier to choose a rowsep of 20pt and then adding
the extra space.

> Concerning the second problem:
> I'd like to include the width of psbrace in the width of the whole
> diagram, so that centering will work correctly. Is there a way to obtain
> this?

put it into a table and choose a p column for the brace text





\begin{tabular}{p{2cm} c}
      [name=X1] & \\[-25pt]
                & \dianode{S}{Condition1?}\\[0pt]
                & \rnode{SA}{\psframebox{do something}}\\[-25pt]
      [name=X2] & \\[0pt]
                & \dianode{R}{Condition2?}\\[-10pt]
      [name=Y2] &
      \psbrace[ref=r,rot=180,nodesepA=-8pt](X1)(X2){Stage 1}
      \psbrace[ref=r,rot=180,nodesepA=-8pt](X2)(Y2){\parbox{2cm}{Stage 2 
        looooooong text}}


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