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Mon Nov 5 20:59:01 CET 2007

Just a little message to give you some news about the package pst-solides3D
for PSTricks:
Version 2 has just been completed.

For now, the familly of the solids has grown a little including some plane
solids, spherical caps, ribbons and some surfaces.

Let me? give you the link to the new version :


The algorithms used are :

For the 3D perspective, we used algorithms recommended by Raymond Dony.

For the rules of lighting , we use the Lambert model simplified (one takes
into account of either the color of the light or? the color of the object
but not? both in the same times).

For these algorithms, there is a good summary here:
but they are especially the courses of computer graphics of Prof
Daniel Thalmann in the section "Graphics Computer" of Virtual Reality
Lab which were useful to us

In fact only possible "the innovation", in any case in the PSTricks
world, consists in the use of a data structure adapted to the description of
the solids. Implemented in postscript this structure includes in particular:
a list of the co-ordinates of the tops and a list of the facets, each
facet being defined by the list of the tops traversed in the
trigonometrical direction when it is looked at outside.

We? add that a particular effort was made to respect, within the
file solides.pro, the philosophy of the "object" programming ,
that is? with the data structure were endowed with methods to
handle it, and that we avoid handling the structure without using
these methods. These precautions make? possible to upgrade
the data structure with? few modification (there are
only the methods to modify)

We are looking for a translator for the documentation -> English and / or
German :

Jean-Paul Vignault : jpv at melusine.eu.org
Manuel Luque : manuel.luque27 at gmail.com

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