[pstricks] Antw: recursion

Robert Salvador salvador at htlinn.ac.at
Sun Oct 28 08:44:39 CET 2007

Hallo Manfred!

Thanks for your additional remark on \edef and the hard white space
command \space!
All is working perfectly now.


>>> manfred.braun at uni-due.de 27.10.07 21.23 >>>
Robert Salvador wrote:

> Good evening everybody!


> I want to do a recursive calculation in a LaTeX-document with 

> following PSTricks drawing. So I have defined a variable \def\x{0.0 } 

> Now I want to assign a new value to this variable (within a \whildo 

> loop). This new value is calculated from the old one like

> \def\x{\x 1 add }

> But this doesn't work (TeX capacity exceeded!)


As Alan has pointed out \edef, instead of \def, will do the job.
you have to write

  \edef\x{\x\space 1 add }

Also the actual value of \x has to be used in the form, e.g.,


  \psdot(! \x\space 0 )

The usual space following \x is absorbed as indicating the end of the
command, according to TeX's rules. An additional white space has to be
inserted explicitly by \space.


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