[pstricks] Bluring self-created High Level Object

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Sat Jun 23 17:59:11 CEST 2007

Hi Martin,

you can use

linearc=0.06  %small value, for just smooth edges

within the options of \pspolygon, that rounds a bit the edges.

I guess \multido and shadows puts the shadows one after the other (in 
the picture one in front of the other) what makes it look a little strange.
I think the way is to make the CPU as  one OBJECT drwan by ONE polygon 
(with or without rounded edges). Then add the shadow on that object and 
after that put a simple \psframe in front of the object in another color 
(with or without round edges).

That is quite a messy work to draw such a polygon, but if you add 
\psgrid into the pspicture you always have a coordinate system and you 
can see where you have to put the edges of the polygon. That's how i 
always do it. When i am ready i comment the grid out.

I think such a CPU-polygon is drawn in five minutes without multido and 
you can have the full amount of shadow.

Good luck and let me see your result, when you got it.



Herbert Voss wrote:
> Martin Röhricht wrote:
>> On 23.06.2007 16:52, Herbert Voss wrote:
>>> Martin Röhricht wrote:
>>>> This is already a wonderful improvement. Thank you very much for all 
>>>> your help and the time that you invest on other person's problems.
>>>> I was curious if it is possible to make the object look a bit more 
>>>> 3-dimensional, e.g. by adding a shadowing (blur) effect to it, such that 
>>>> all edges are handled as if the object wasn't composed of different 
>>>> smaller elements rather as if the object was coherent.
>>> then you should draw the frame twice ...
>>> [...]
>> And is there a way to make the edges on the left and on the right to 
>> blur too? Just like what Juergen proposed, but still using the frame's 
>> rounded corners. Such as if the CPU object was composed of one line (or 
>> polygon).
> I tried it and it looked ugly to me ...
> Use Jürgens proposal and draw them also twice, with and without blurring
> Herbert
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