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Iosif Pinelis ipinelis at mtu.edu
Sun Mar 18 15:13:38 CET 2007

Luciano Battaia wrote:

> One elementary way to use PDFLaTeX on a file with PSTricks code, under 
> Windows, is:
> 1.Put your tex file (myfile.tex) in a dir (mydir). In the same dir put 
> a copy of the file ps4pdf.bat (you can download it, for example, from 
> http://www.batmath.it/latex/down/ps4pdf.bat).
> 2.Work as usual with your file, WITHOUT compiling with PDFLaTeX.
> 3.When the file is ready (and not before) put the command 
> \usepackage{pst-pdf} in your document and compile again with LaTeX.

Thank you very much Luciano. I do this but get

LaTeX error: Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item

I use TeXnicCenter, with latex profile

--src -interaction=nonstopmode -max-print-line=120 "%Wm"

Iosif Pinelis

> 4.At a DOS prompt change the dir to mydir and then run "ps4pdf 
> myfile.tex".
> 5.Compile with PDFLaTeX as usual.
> That's all.
> Obviously you can configure your editor (for example WinEdt) to do all 
> this in a simpler way.
> Luciano Battaia
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