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Luciano Battaia batmathica at yahoo.it
Sun Mar 18 12:24:22 CET 2007

  One elementary way to use PDFLaTeX on a file with PSTricks code, under Windows, is:
1.Put your tex file (myfile.tex) in a dir (mydir). In the same dir put a copy of the file ps4pdf.bat (you can download it, for example, from http://www.batmath.it/latex/down/ps4pdf.bat).
2.Work as usual with your file, WITHOUT compiling with PDFLaTeX. 
3.When the file is ready (and not before) put the command \usepackage{pst-pdf} in your document and compile again with LaTeX.
4.At a DOS prompt change the dir to mydir and then run "ps4pdf myfile.tex".
5.Compile with PDFLaTeX as usual.
That's all.
Obviously you can configure your editor (for example WinEdt) to do all this in a simpler way.
  Luciano Battaia

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