[pstricks] a composition with latex

Doris Wagner doris.wagner at mac.com
Thu Jan 25 10:39:35 CET 2007

Hi sebastiano,

> and several figures create with Ipe, because I not find a easy package
> to create an encloused curve orientated (not pst-bezier-doc, not pst-
> node, commands \pscurve, \pccurve) but splines with one or more arrows.

if the ipe-files are ok with you, why not stay with ipe?

> After the symbols similar at the
> eyes, what must I use package ?
what exactly do you want to produce? the eyes?

> Often I insert the numeration
> (Exercises, theorem, etc.) my myself.
this is not a pstricks problem, but a latex-problem: here you could use 
the commands \newcounter and \newcommand or \newenvironment or 

> Sorry for my bad English,
well, in particular your first 2 questions are not really clear to 
me...if you like, you can write me (mail: doris.wagnerATmac.com) and 
repeat your questions in italian.


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