[pstricks] a composition with latex

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Thu Jan 25 09:43:25 CET 2007

Signore Patola,

I don't see where you have a real problem. You are able to produce 
your curves as eps-files - which is the best you can get. 

The only other way which comes into my mind is to produce - with 
which program whatever - a list of curve coordinates and use these to 
produce the curves via pstricks - which might result maybe in a 
slightly more manageble file. E.g. you could more easily change the 
linewidth or colour (linewidth could be changed within the eps-files 
itself with a simple text-editor too (look at e.g. "q 0.4 w" and 
change the number)). The random arrow probably would be a problem in 
pstricks too.

Otherwise your curves look fine.



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> Dear  Group of pstricks
> my name is sebastiano spatola and I am a 
> doctor in Mathematics and Physics. Now, I have a problem with LaTeX. 
> Can you help me? I must realize a book similar to the picture in 
> attachment. I have create a little source, but it is not same of the 
> picture. How I do you do? I sent you two attachment: picture and source 
> and several figures create with Ipe, because I not find a easy package 
> to create an encloused curve orientated (not pst-bezier-doc, not pst-
> node, commands \pscurve, \pccurve) but splines with one or more arrows. 
> I not know metapost and plainTeX. After the symbols similar at the 
> eyes, what must I use package ?
> Often I insert the numeration 
> (Exercises, theorem, etc.) my myself.
> Sorry for my bad English, and I 
> attend your answer (negative or positive) for my problem.
> Best regards.
> dr. Sebastiano Spatola

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