[pstricks] about pst-circ

Christophe Jorssen christophe.jorssen at free.fr
Tue Dec 5 22:33:30 CET 2006

pstricks-bounces at tug.org wrote:
> Hi Christophe,
> some time ago I took the pst-circ package and added some
> macros and new parameters that were useful to me. Nothing
> special... all based in the existing package, I just wrote
> some lines to draw new figures, like logic (digital) units as
> AND, OR XOR, etc... the way I use to draw them, and add lines
> to the existing macros (let's take the Resistor as an
> example) to be able to change things like the dipole width,
> height, linecolor, linewidth, number of Zig zags.... etc. I
> did the macros a little more 'customizable' so anyone can use them
> the way he likes more. But I stoped because I hadn't much time, and I
> didn't send my modifications to PSTricks people (like you) as I
> pretended. Now I'm seeing that you have a new beta version of the
> package... maybe you want me to send you my suggestions and
> perhaps a veeeery short PDF of what my modified package can do?
> Germi

Of course I'd be interested. Nevertheless, pst-circ2 is radically different
from pst-circ. So I don't think I will be able to use your code directly.
Nevertheless, any suggestions are welcomed.


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