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Germi Camps Barjau gcampsbarjau at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 15:54:58 CET 2006

Hi Christophe,
some time ago I took the pst-circ package and added some macros and new
parameters that were useful to me. Nothing special... all based in the
existing package, I just wrote some lines to draw new figures, like logic
(digital) units as AND, OR XOR, etc... the way I use to draw them, and add
lines to the existing macros (let's take the Resistor as an example) to be
able to change things like the dipole width, height, linecolor, linewidth,
number of Zig zags.... etc. I did the macros a little more 'customizable' so
anyone can use them the way he likes more.
But I stoped because I hadn't much time, and I didn't send my modifications
to PSTricks people (like you) as I pretended. Now I'm seeing that you have a
new beta version of the package... maybe you want me to send you my
suggestions and perhaps a veeeery short PDF of what my modified package can

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