[pstricks] Adder for pst-circ

Christophe Jorssen christophe.jorssen at free.fr
Mon Dec 4 19:24:19 CET 2006

pstricks-bounces at tug.org wrote:
> I'm trying to create a control-systems simulation diagram, for which
> I'm trying to define an adder.  A simple version of what I want to
> 	create looks like: \begin{pspicture}(2,2)
> 		\psline{->}(0,1)(0.5,1)
> 			\rput(.7,1){$+$}
> 		\psline{->}(1,2)(1,1.5)
> 			\rput(1,1.3){$+$}
> 		\psline{->}(1,0)(1,0.5)
> 			\rput(1,.7){$-$}
> 		\lamp(.5,1)(1.5,1){}
> 		\psline(1.5,1)(2,1)
> 	\end{pspicture}
> Options this needs include the presence or absence of either or both
> of the top and bottom nodes, and a +, -, or blank in any quadrant and,
> by default, arrows pointing to quadrants that have a + or -.  This can
> be a dipole, tripole, or quadrupole depending on how it's invoked.
> I'd be glad to do the programming if someone tells me it can be done
> and points me to a model. 

Try pst-circ2 and its (very beta) \DeclareNewMultipole macro (undocumented)


Best regards


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