[pstricks] Questioning the necessity of pst-eps

Herbert Voss LaTeX at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Dec 3 10:30:49 CET 2006

Joel Salomon schrieb:
> Why does pst-eps exist?  I read the documentation and it didn't seem
> to fit my experiences, so I tried the spiral example given.  The
> version with pst-eps looks identical to the version without \fbox;
> both seem more correct than the version with \fbox.  In each case the
> commands run were:
>     latex spiral_whatever.tex
>     dvips -E spiral_whatever.dvi -o spiral_whatever.ps
>     epstool --copy --bbox spiral_whatever.ps spiral_whatever.eps
> The invocation of epstool was needed in all cases; only the version
> with \fbox had a bounding box in the original PostScript, and it was
> incorrectly placed.
> So where does pst-eps fit?

pst-eps was created in 1993 ... and compare it with
the date of epstool ...

It can create an eps file on the fly
without additional external programs. No more no less


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