[pstricks] pst-eps: \color{white} vs. \fbox[linewidth=0pt]{...

hjsalchow at aol.com hjsalchow at aol.com
Wed Oct 11 13:09:00 CEST 2006

In his book Voss (2005)  explained how to create an encapsulated
postscript file from a PSTricks-graphics file. He suggests (see page
245, listing 21.1)

\fbox{<some PSTricks-graphics commands>}

There may be a minor inelegancy in this procedure. If you follow this
proceture you may wonder where all the prosa is gone you added in your
PSTricks-graphics commands. The answer is simple: its color was changed
to white, too.

Recall that the \color{white} was set, just to make the frame of \fbox
invisible. A more adequate solution for this simple problem may be to
set the linewidth of the \fbox to zero. For example

\fbox[linewidth=0pt]{<your PSTricks-graphics commands>}

Herbert Vo\ss{} (2005), PSTricks, 2nd ed., Berlin, ISBN 3-86541-073-1.

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