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Dougherty, Michael michael.dougherty at swosu.edu
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Yes, but just to clarify:
\psline(3,3):  There is one pair of coordinates, or one coordinate pair.
\psline(1,1)(3,3): There are two pairs of coordinates, or two coordinate pairs.

I like "coordinate pair," but it has been a long time since I've heard the term.  I guess (a,b,c) would be a coordinate triple, and (a_1,a_2,\cdots,a_n) would be a coordinate n-tuple.

Some call (3,3) an "ordered pair," (1,2,3) an "ordered triple," and so on.  To know what seems most pleasing (to me), I'd have to see the whole sentence. 

--Mike Dougherty

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I have \psline(3,3) and \psline(1,1)(3,3)

can I say "there is one pair of coordinates" and in the
second example "two pairs of coordinates"?
Or what would you say?


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