[pstricks] Drawing graphs

John Frampton j.frampton at neu.edu
Sat Mar 18 17:05:46 CET 2006

> Hi all,
> Is there any higher-level environment in pstricks for drawing graphs
> like \pstree, or not? I have Latex Graphics Companion but defining
> graphs like the ones they have here requires me to define a position
> for each node which is not nice. Is there any other way?
> Cheers,
> --
> Paulo Jorge Matos - pocm at sat inesc-id pt

Could you give some indication of what kind of trees you want to draw?
Big labels, many branches, very deep? Etc.   There are several different 
tree drawing packages, but they tend to have advantages and disadvantages
which make them particularly good for particular kinds of trees and not so
good for others.

- John Frampton

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