[pstricks] Drawing graphs

Francisco A. S. Grossi fgrossi at usp.br
Sat Mar 18 17:36:27 CET 2006

You can use pstree just you ould define a tree (a tree is compose of two 
subtrees) and not be concerned AT ALL with node position. PSTRICKS does it 
for you.


 \pstree{\Tcircle{\red A}}{
    \pstree{\Tcircle{\red B}}{
       \pstree{\Tcircle{\red C}}{
          \Tcircle{\red D}
          \Tcircle{\red E}
       \pstree{\Tcircle{\red F}}{
          \Tcircle{\red G}
       \Tcircle{\red H}
    \pstree{\Tcircle{\red I}}{
       \pstree{\Tcircle{\red J}}{
          \Tcircle{\red K}
          \Tcircle{\red L}
       \Tcircle{\red M}
       \Tcircle{\red N}
    \pstree{\Tcircle{\red O}}{
       \pstree{\Tcircle{\red P}}{
          \Tcircle{\red Q}
          \Tcircle{\red R}
          \Tcircle{\red S}
          \Tcircle{\red T}
       \Tcircle{\red U}
       \Tcircle{\red V}


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> Hi all,
> Is there any higher-level environment in pstricks for drawing graphs
> like \pstree, or not? I have Latex Graphics Companion but defining
> graphs like the ones they have here requires me to define a position
> for each node which is not nice. Is there any other way?
> Cheers,
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