[pstricks] interference between pstricks/pst-pdf and other packages ?

Martijn Frijlink m_frijlink at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 22 18:11:14 CET 2006

Dear all,
 If I run pdflatex with the pst-pdf package, the command
 triggers the failure
          Error: pdflatex: font file object number for `msbm6' not initialized
 Removing the line results in a clean construction of the pdf-file.
 However, if I isolate this piece of code, the error does not occur.
 There seems to be some kind of interference, but I cannot figure out with what.
 Does anybody have a clue ?
 I am using pstricks 1.04 and the pst-pdf release of 2005/06/29.
 Martijn Frijlink

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