[pstricks] Nodes at the ends of a tangent line

Akos Valentinyi A.Valentinyi at soton.ac.uk
Mon Jan 23 16:59:03 CET 2006


I do regularly a type of graph (see below) where the 
tangent line to a curve extends to both the Y and the 
X axis.

Right now I am doing in a complicated way. However,
if \plotTangent would give me two nodes, one
at each end of the tangent line, this could
be simplified. This is basically having
the slope of the tangent line in terms of two

Any chance for that?






\def\F{8.5 x 0.75 exp div}
\def\Slope{-8.5 0.75 mul x 1.75 exp div}
  \pstGeonode(!\xA\space /x \xA\space def \F){T}
  \pstGeonode(!1 /x 1 def \F){A}
  \pstGeonode(!4 /x 1 def \F\space /x \xA\space def \Slope\space -1 mul 4 1 sub mul sub){B}
  \nput{45}{T}{\Large $O$}
  \pstGeonode(!0 /x \xA\space def \F){C_2}


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