[pstricks] Inquiry: how to use pstricks properly

Baronin Putzele Storch von Duenen und Langenhals realaddressdeleted
Mon Feb 4 17:27:34 CET 2002

I am rather new to pstricks. I have been collecting all the possible
informations and documentations and reading it.. still
most stragely, I cannot get some things to work... in particular, in trees,
the labels on edges do not appear correctly.

I used the following example, which  is in the part on trees

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% -*- Mode: Latex -*-
%% Trees-Game.tex --- Game tree example: a standard signalling game
%% Author          : Dave SCHMIDT (Indiana University - USA)
%%                                <drschmid at indiana.edu>
%% Created the     : 1996
%% Last mod. by    : Denis GIROU (CNRS/IDRIS - France)
<Denis.Girou at idris.fr>
%% Last mod. the   : Wed Apr  2 22:00:52 1997






  {\Large Signalling Game}

  % Other connections


the tree builts okay, but the labels mess up with the nodes.. why?

Could somebody explain what I should do.
I use the Miktex 2.1 version the largest of both available..
thank you in advance.

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