[pstricks] Inquiry: how to use pstricks properly

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Thu Feb 7 19:41:28 CET 2002

>>>>> <real address deleted> == Baronin Putzele Storch von Duenen und Langenhals  writes:

    Christine> I am rather new to pstricks. I have been collecting all the possible
    Christine> informations and documentations and reading it.. still
    Christine> most stragely, I cannot get some things to work... in particular, in trees,
    Christine> the labels on edges do not appear correctly.

    Christine> I used the following example, which  is in the part on trees

    Christine> %% Trees-Game.tex --- Game tree example: a standard signalling game

    Christine> ...

    Christine> the tree builts okay, but the labels mess up with the nodes.. why?

    Christine> Could somebody explain what I should do.
    Christine> I use the Miktex 2.1 version the largest of both available..
  I cannot guess what can happen on your installation, as it can depend of
many things. I just can say that the source code is correct.

  Nevertheless, before any other investigations, first check that you really
look at the resulting (PostScript) file. A common pitfall for beginners
is to look at intermediate files (dvi) which doesn't show most of PostScript
effects, as nodes related ones you use here (some recent dvi viewvers
nevertheless introduce new functionnalities and can direclty render a part of
PSTricks effects).


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