[pstricks] Help! Can not place labels on arcs.

na199 at worldonline.de na199 at worldonline.de
Fri Nov 23 10:30:39 CET 2001

The pstricks-part by itself is ok, it does what is wanted; so your 
installation must be wrong.
In my case I need 
in the preamble.
There are also some files for dvips (my case) in connection with 
pstricks which must be carefully installed (especially  I had to 
remove older versions).

On 22 Nov 2001, at 23:09, Deling Ren wrote:

> \begin{center} \psset{unit=1cm}
> \rnode{1}{Node 1}
> \vspace{3cm}\\
> \rnode{2}{Node 3}
> \ncline{1}{2}\Bput{Label}
> \end{center} \vspace{1cm}

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