[pstricks] animated gifs with seminar package

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Fri Oct 19 18:36:11 CEST 2001

>>>>> "Luc.Gilles" == Luc Gilles <gilles at gauss.math.montana.edu> writes:

    Luc.Gilles> I have a basic question about the seminar package.
    Luc.Gilles> The fourth demonstration file at www.tug.org
    Luc.Gilles> shows animations.
    Luc.Gilles> Are they quicktime movies or animated gif89 ?
    Luc.Gilles> Would it be better to use pdflatex and include animations
    Luc.Gilles> in quicktime format ?

  These files are animated Gif ones and the LaTeX file was compiled with
the VTeX compiler (I do not know other TeX compilers which support this


  For movie files insertion with pdfLaTeX (which doesn't really support
Seminar usage....), look at the answer you got on the pdftex mailing list
and to other threads on this question.

  P.S. This list is for PSTricks questions _only_ (which your one is not).
Don't use it for questions on other subjects (this is the interest of
dedicated lists to try to have specialized informations with little noise).
And, no, there is no mailing list for Seminar.


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