[pstricks] image and text in double box

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Mon Oct 15 21:19:00 CEST 2001

>>>>> "John.Culleton" == John culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> writes:

    John.Culleton> I want to construct a \psdblframebox such that the upper part of the
    John.Culleton> box is occupied by an eps figure and the lower part by several lines
    John.Culleton> of description. Think of a typical advertisement and you will get the idea. 

    John.Culleton> In all my attempts the text stubbornly refuses to go where I want it. Also, 
    John.Culleton> when I add teext the whole doubleframebox enlarges and relocates. Here is a 
    John.Culleton> fragment of some current (nonoworking) code:

    John.Culleton> \rput(2,6.7){\psdblframebox
    John.Culleton> {\vbox width 2in
    John.Culleton> {\hbox{A Lovely Low Rancher}
    John.Culleton> \epsfbox{housea.eps}
    John.Culleton> \hbox{A lovely, low rancher}
    John.Culleton> }}
    John.Culleton> } 

  This is probably more a plain TeX question (for which I am not a good
specialist -but there are some on the list!) that a PSTricks one.

  As far as I understand, I would do something like:

\input epsf
\input pstricks


    \vbox{%                      % Or "\vbox to 2in{" to fix the width
      \hbox{A Lovely Low Rancher}
      \hbox{A lovely, low rancher}}}}


    John.Culleton> I am working under a deadline.

  Sorry for the delay required before your message reach the list. But, as you
know, since I closed the list to non subscribers to avoid spamming messages,
only messages with registered addresses are sent directly to the list.
Otherwise I must do something manually for each message (for which I have not
a permanent access). Your registered address is <john at wexfordpress.net> (not
wexfordpress.com, not service@).


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