[pstricks] [Service] This list is now closed for non subscribers

Chris Sangwin sangwinc at for.mat.bham.ac.uk
Thu Jun 28 10:50:15 CEST 2001

Many thanks Denis - your code is exactly what I needed - and also shows
the way to future development in this direction.  Perhaps I should have
known about pst-plot - I'll certainly have a closer look at it now.


On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Denis Girou wrote:

>   I would like to inform you that I have closed today this list to non
> subscribers, as an anti-spam preventive action. This must not impact most
> of you, but you must be aware of the following:
>     - Spamming is (obviously) a nuisance, so I would like to limit as far as
> possible the risk that spams perturbate this list.
>     - Mailman, which is the software which manage the TUG mailing lists since
> the end of last year in place of Majordomo, include several special features
> to limit spamming:
>         + all messages coming from few addresses widely known as spamming
> providers are automatically rejected,
>         + all messages with subjects or contents looking "suspicious" to
> the program according various criteria are not sent to the list but the
> administrator is warned to look at them and to decide himself to reject or
> accept them.
>      - In the past, there was only one such message which succeeded to be
> diffused on this list and I'm required to do something myself only few times.
> Nevertheless, this week there were several such messages and I also saw that
> several succeeded to be diffused on the pdftex mailing list in the last few
> months, so Sebastian decided to close this list to non subscribers.
>   As I do not expect improvements in this direction in the near future but
> rather increasing problems, I do the same for the PSTricks mailing list.
>   Main consequences are:
>      - You must be registered to be able to write on the list (which is the
> case for you, as you received this message...).
>      - You must always use your _registration address_ to send messages.
> If you have several addresses, you must use the one given when you subscribed,
> or you must unsubscribe with it and subscribe again with the other one.
>   Note also that Mailman as a "strong" default policy about bounced mails.
> With Majordomo, I suppress myself manually adresses rejected during several
> consecutive weeks (at this time, each message sent to this list gave me back
> between one or three bounced mails...). Mailman do it automatically when it
> found that an address is invalid since too much time (actually this is
> 5 days). So, if you loose your email address for a long time, take care that
> you could be automatically removed from the list and that you must need to
> subscribe again.
>   And note that for all the management of your subscription to this list
> you must use the following address: http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/pstricks
> D.G.
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