[pstricks] legends

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Jan 9 10:22:00 CET 2001

Richard Hensh writes:
 > Can someone tell me how the entries were created in Table 4.3 on page 103 of
 > the Latex Graphics Companion? For example, I would like to create a legend

attached. but it uses PSTricks, so not useable with pdftex.


 \hbox to 1cm{\psline{#1}(0,1ex)(.85,1ex)}%
\caption{\protect\PST\ line terminators.\label{PSTarrows}}
\multicolumn{6}{c}{\hbox to 3cm{\em Values and examples\hss}} & \\ 
\PSArrowDef{-} & & & & & None\\
\PSArrowDef{<->} &\PSArrowDef{->}&\PSArrowDef{<-} & Arrowheads\\
\PSArrowDef{>-<} &\PSArrowDef{-<}&\PSArrowDef{>-} & Reverse arrowheads\\
\PSArrowDef{<<->>} &\PSArrowDef{->>}&\PSArrowDef{<<-} & Double arrowheads\\
\PSArrowDef{>>-<<} &\PSArrowDef{-<<}&\PSArrowDef{>>-} & Double reverse arrowheads\\
\PSArrowDef{|-|} &\PSArrowDef{-|}&\PSArrowDef{|-} & T-bars, flush to endpoints\\
\PSArrowDef{|*-|*} &\PSArrowDef{-|*}&\PSArrowDef{|*-} & T-bars, centered on endpoints\\
\PSArrowDef{[-]} &\PSArrowDef{-]}&\PSArrowDef{[-} & Square brackets\\
\PSArrowDef{(-)} &\PSArrowDef{-)}&\PSArrowDef{(-} & Parentheses\\
\PSArrowDef{o-o} &\PSArrowDef{-o}&\PSArrowDef{o-} & Circles, centered on endpoints\\
\PSArrowDef{*-*} &\PSArrowDef{-*}&\PSArrowDef{*-} & Disks, centered on endpoints\\
\PSArrowDef{oo-oo} &\PSArrowDef{-oo}&\PSArrowDef{oo-} & Circles, flush to endpoints\\
\PSArrowDef{**-**} &\PSArrowDef{-**}&\PSArrowDef{**-} & Disks, flush to endpoints\\
\PSArrowDef{c-c} &\PSArrowDef{-c}&\PSArrowDef{c-} & Extended, rounded ends\\
\PSArrowDef{cc-cc} &\PSArrowDef{-cc}&\PSArrowDef{cc-} & Flush round ends\\
\PSArrowDef{C-C} &\PSArrowDef{-C}&\PSArrowDef{C-} & Extended, square ends\\
\PSArrowDef{|<->|} &\PSArrowDef{->|}&\PSArrowDef{|<-} & T-bars and arrowheads\\
\PSArrowDef{|<*->|*} &\PSArrowDef{->|*}&\PSArrowDef{|<*-}& T-bars and arrowheads, flush\\

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