[Programming] Official release of the `arrayjob' package

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at idris.fr
Sat Jun 3 12:35:27 CEST 2000

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  Some of you could be interested to know that the `arrayjob' package has just 
been officially released, of course with the authorization of it author,
Zhuhan Jiang (in the past, I put an unofficial version on one of the PSTricks
Web pages, as I use it since several years).

  This package provides array data structures in (La)TeX, in the meaning of
the classical procedural programming languages like Fortran, Ada or C, and
macros to manipulate them. Arrays can be mono or bi-dimensional. This is
useful for applications which require high level programming technics.

  Strictly speaking, this has nothing specially related to PSTricks, as
`arrayjob' is a generic package which could be useful in various circumstances 
and in a lot of contexts. Nevertheless, this is specially useful for
algorithmic graphics, and with some packages like PSTricks which doesn't
include such features ((Al)DraTeX, for instance, include them - MetaPost too,
but of course it doesn't use TeX as programming language).

  I wrote myself the accompanying documentation, trying to demonstrate the
interest and power of this (small) package. Most of my examples are PSTricks
ones, only because this is the area that I know the best, but I hope that it
will not appear as biased, as it could obviously interest too people who will
never use PSTricks itself.

  Location is CTAN: macros/generic/arrayjob


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