arrows in the middle of bezier curves

Tamas Bori bori at
Wed Dec 10 15:41:27 CET 1997

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Tamas Bori wrote:

> ...
> and an arrows linestyle too, but that works not
> how it intended to.
> ...

Also the usage:
In \psset{} or in the parameter-list [] of the curve (any curve,
including \psline, \pscircle etc.) one should say

(Note the big 'A' in Arrows!)

Arrowsep=<dim> <num>,

where <num> specifies how many times to take the width of an arrow,
and then add <dim> to it to calculate the separation of the arrows.

The question still: what's wrong?

Here is an example, how to use it:

--linestyle=Arrows example---------
\input pstomi.tex   % this file contains the TeX fragment
                    % from my previous message
\pscurve[Arrowsep=1mm 2,linestyle=Arrows](M11)(M12)(M21)%

Tamas Bori
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