PSTricks: how is it possible to add a label to a \nccurve?

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Fri Aug 1 23:35:36 CEST 1997

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>>>>> "Christophe.Broult" == Christophe Broult <broult at> writes:

    Christophe.Broult> I'd like to put a label along an nccurve that connect two nodes or the
    Christophe.Broult> same node as in the example below. What should I do?

  I understand that your question is the same that the one of Richard Kaszeta
<kaszeta at> on Jul. 11, 1997. So, look at my answer in the archive
(you can ask it using mailing list services - there will be a Web interface
to access to the archives announced very soon).

  If "to put a label along an nccurve" is to use \pstextpath, it is clearly
impossible. In my message, I explained a way to do it in most cases,
using basic drawing macros applied on nodes, but it can be used really for
\nccurv, because there is not the equivalent of it, which compute a "middle
Bezier point". We can only used something like:
\pstextpath{\psbezier(A)(D)(D)(C)}{Test Text}
\pstextpath{\pscurve(A)(D)(C)}{Test Text}


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