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Greg Byrd gbyrd at
Fri Aug 1 23:33:56 CEST 1997

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When I tried to use dotangle to rotate the dots used in a plot,
the placement of the dots themselves got rotated, rather than
the symbol used to draw the dot.

The following example should produce a row of dots above a row
of dashes.  Instead, it produces a row of dots and a vertical
column of vertical lines.

\psplot[dotstyle=*,dotsize=4pt 0]{0}{8}{1}

In pst-plot.tex, I found the following correction:

\def\beginqp at dots{%
  \psk at dotsize
  \@nameuse{psds@\psk at dotstyle}
% Modification Denis GIROU (CNRS/IDRIS - France) - <Denis.Girou at> - 14 Jun. 1996
%  Dot }
%\def\doqp at dots{Dot }
%% SPQR remove the translate after gsave????
/TheDot { gsave \psk at dotangle \psk at dotscale Dot grestore } def
  TheDot }
\def\doqp at dots{TheDot }

I replaced the modification with the original, and the example
produced the desired result.  I don't know enough PostScript to figure
out what's going on -- maybe Denis can remember the motivation behind the
original modification.

...Greg Byrd
   gbyrd at

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