PSTricks: what do you think about using [mnode=anArbitraryCommandName]?

Denis Girou Denis.Girou at
Tue Jul 22 17:55:08 CEST 1997

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    Jean-Francois.Mertens> A little bug I noticed some time ago, and which persists in the present
    Jean-Francois.Mertens> version: contrary to the documentation ( p.27), "mnode=dot"
    Jean-Francois.Mertens> with psmatrix yields the msg
    Jean-Francois.Mertens> \psmatrix node 'dot' not defined

  Yes, it's a bug. Thank you for report. Correction is trivial.
As usual, I'll send the updated file (pst-node.tex) with VERSIONS and CHANGES
ones to Sebastian to update CTAN files.

  Here is the temporary solution:



\def\mnode at dot{\dotnode at ii(\z@,\z@){\psm at thenode}}


  A & B

  A & & & B



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