PSTricks: what do you think about using [mnode=anArbitraryCommandName]?

MERTENS Jean-Francois jfm at
Tue Jul 15 18:43:18 CEST 1997

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Christophe Broult wrote:
> I think that would be nice if we could specify the name of whatever command
> accepting a single argument as the value of mnode key e.g
> psshadowbox. Is it possible?
> Thank you for your attention,
> Chris

In the same context :

A little bug I noticed some time ago, and which persists in the present
version: contrary to the documentation ( p.27), "mnode=dot"
with psmatrix yields the msg
\psmatrix node 'dot' not defined

(I didn't do an exhaustive search for other possibilities)

Clearly for the moment this qualifies only as a minor bug in the
documentation, but in the longer run (as possible substitutes like C*
are also not defined) it would be more pleasant to have some more
flexibility, and that ideally any node type could be used anywhere, even
in the psmatrix and pstree environments.

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