PSTricks97 and Textures

Michael J. Sharpe msharpe at
Wed Jul 16 20:47:19 CEST 1997

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In answer to the posting by Gregory A. Ruderman <ruderman at>
concerning use of PSTricks97 with Textures, I've found that the only change
needed is in the file, where the line

/STV { SDict begin normalscale end STP  } def

must be changed to read

/STV { Mag 72.27 72 div mul dup neg scale STP  } def

It's probably also a good idea then to change the line

% For use with Rokicki's dvips.

to read

% For use with Textures.

One must of course also rename textures17.con to pstricks.con, assuming the
Textures version is 1.7 or greater. In Textures 1.8.1, I've noticed that
the Postscript file generated by Textures \special inclusions truncates
Postscript inclusions of more than about 410 characters with the characters
"\ETC." According to Floyd at BlueSky, this bug in Textures' handling of
\special{postscript ...} slipped into version 1.8.1 and is being fixed in
version 1.8.2, due to be released in about a week.

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