3D ball with gradated shading,

Jan Krupa krupa at alpha.sggw.waw.pl
Wed Jul 16 22:34:32 CEST 1997

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Dear TeX and PSTRicks Users,

I would like to draw ** a 3D ball filled gradually to achieve the 3D effect**.
How it is possible using PSTricks?

I used the macro file 'gradient.tex' but I could not get the needed result.

I have tried the simple:
but of course it is not the picture I need.
The problem is that 'gradient' macro fills the region gradually but the
lines of "the same intensity of color" are **straight line**.
How is it possible to force the gradient macro to have the lines as e.g. 
ellipse or other curve ?

I know there are other ways to achieve "the 3D effect in ball" without using
the gradient macro: just simply filling and draw proper ellipses but
I would prefer the way with gradated shading.

Could someone suggest some solution ?

Thanks in advance,

Jan Krupa

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