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Mon Jun 30 10:39:27 CEST 1997

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    Ulrich.Dirr> I have a silly question concerning \psaxes.
    Ulrich.Dirr> In Germany the decimal delimiter is a comma and not a point.
                    ^^^^^^^ (in France too!)
    Ulrich.Dirr> Now if you have axes with a range say from -2.5 to 4.5 the
    Ulrich.Dirr> labeling is with decimal points.
    Ulrich.Dirr> Is there an easy way to change the _output_ to commata?

  Of course, it is not a specific PSTricks question. But for labels of axes,
you have to redefine the macros \pshlabel and \psvlabel (notice that there is
a typo in PSTricks documentation page 51, refering to \psxlabel and \psylabel,
typo reported in pst-doc.err). Something like:



% To change decimal points by virgules in axes labels








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