[pdftex] Backtick producing a wrong character code in PDF output

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Tue Feb 1 21:54:01 CET 2022

Hi all.

No one has mentioned yet that you can directly address the straight quotes as \char13 and \char18 when the font for \texttt is OT1-encoded, as is normal.

It’s not elegant, but allows all characters to be addressed and used consistently and correctly.

Of course, this will not work inside \verb or {verbatim}, which is why the {upquote} package is designed to handle those cases only.

As has been said already, pdfTeX will do what you tell it to do. It is knowing how to tell it what you really want that is the hard part.
Don’t blame the tool when the problem is really due to lack of knowledge.

Hope this helps.


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> On 2 Feb 2022, at 3:55 am, Doug McKenna <doug at mathemaesthetics.com> wrote:
> Reinhard wrote:
>> | The problem is that you can't use \verb in footnotes for TeXnical reasons.
> There's also the fancyvrb package, from which you can invoke
>  \VerbatimFootnotes
> soon after loading.
> Doug McKenna

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