[pdftex] Question about \pdfincludechars

Gregory Heytings ghe at sdf.org
Sun Aug 21 12:56:18 CEST 2016

> Thank you very much, this works... almost!  The only remaining problem 
> is that for some reason I do not understand it does not include 
> character at position 0, in spite of the fact that \count10 starts at 
> 0...  Is this a bug?
> For example, if I do \includefont{cmr10} I have chars 1-127 included, if 
> I do \includefont{cmr10} and \char"00 somewhere else I have chars 0-127 
> included (as it should).

Indeed, the TeXbook specifies that "Conversion to uppercase means that a 
character is replaced by its \uccode value, unless the \uccode value is 
zero (when no change is made). Conversion to lowercase is similar, using 
the \lccode."  So this solution:

\lccode`\!=<character position>\lowercase{\pdfincludechars\f{!}}

cannot work for character 0.

I also tried:


but none of them works.  So... how should I ask pdfTeX to include 
character 0 of a given font?


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