[pdftex] pdftex - Support for Type3 fonts

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Aug 5 00:07:33 CEST 2016

    I'm just asking if such thing is supported by pdftex... 

As the error message said: there's nothing in pdftex that can handle
arbitrary incoming Type 3 fonts, if that's what you're after.  As far as
I know.

PDF does support a form of Type 3 fonts (which is why pdftex can write
them from pk bitmaps).  It's similar to but simplified from PostScript
Type 3.  Described in section "9.6.5 Type 3 Fonts" (p.266ff.) in the
PDF32000_2008.pdf reference.

Thus, I see no reason in principle why pdftex could not read them, if
someone wants to put in the work.  I don't recall the question ever
coming up before.

(Coincidentally, there was an interesting talk at TUG16 about using
Type3 fonts to do math operator sizing, which was the first time I'd
seen Type 3 fonts come up in ages.


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