[pdftex] Bug in pdflatex

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Wed Feb 19 01:13:04 CET 2014

Hello Armin,

On 10/02/2014, at 9:58 AM, Armin Fügenschuh wrote:

> Dear pdflatex maintainers,
> there seems to be a bug in pdflatex (using Mac OS10.7.5, further version
> details below). Try to run the attached tex source with this command, and
> it will not stop:
> pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode endlessloop.tex
> (In line 24, there is an additional } after n_2 that needs to be deleted.)

You know that there is a mistake in your source coding.
Why would you then choose to run a faulty program in nonstopmode ?
What would you expect to happen?

Endless looping is a perfectly normal outcome of a program 
that has not been specifically tailored not to loop.
It might well only stop when some resources have been exhausted.

> Regards,
> Armin

Hope this helps,


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