[pdftex] Install of thai “AngsanaUPC” font in latex

Prabhu ngp ngpprabhu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 08:32:53 CEST 2012


I am trying to install the thai “AngsanaUPC” font in latex (installed in
Linux) for my application. I have downloaded the ttf files angsau.ttf,
angsaub.ttf, angsaui.ttf, angsauz.ttf and converted them using ttf2tfm to
get the tfm and enc files.

"ttf2tfm angsau.ttf -w angsau at Unicode@"

"ttf2tfm angsaui.ttf -w angsau at Unicode@"


(File Unicode.sfd is kept in that directory)

I have tried creating the map file by

"ttf2tfm angsau.ttf -q -w angsau at Unicode@ >> angsau.map" and added the map
file in updmap.cfg and ran updmap and texhash. But I am not getting the
proper output.

I finding difficulty in getting the right map and fd file of this. Please
let me know how to create/get those files to properly apply the thai font.


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