[pdftex] Tweaking pdf outputs to produce one box per word.

CFP cfpcompte at yahoo.fr
Sat Jul 3 10:45:25 CEST 2010

> Excellent.
> Now, does your e-reader do reflow --- that is, if you change the
window-size or blow up the size of the text, can you make the text reflow to
fit snugly within the new width?
The Sony PRS600 (which is the one I have), doesn't do reflowing well at all.
On the document you gave me, it simply puts one word per line when asked to
reformat (ie. change font size)

> What happens to the mathematics?
Mathematics handling is excellent. Attached are pictures that I took of the
device, since I had no other way to get screenshots (Not exactly pretty, but

>> How did you generate this document?
> It was done with an extension of pdfTeX that is not yet generally
Is there a way I could use it, though? It really is exactly what I'd like to

> I just gave a talk about what it can do, at the TUG meeting this week.
Thus it is appropriate to test what happens to the documents that it can
create, when viewed with some of the latest technology applications.
Woa, cool :)

> iPod & iPod apps have been rather disappointing, but maybe your e-reader
implements some things differently.
Sadly, the e-reader by Sony seems to be quite bad at reflowing too. It
actually messes up the whole page when reflowing. Inline math is quite badly
handled, while block math isn't modified by the refowing.

> Attached is another PDF, having just mathematics.
> I've attached additional pictures.

Thanks for your help!
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