[pdftex] Tweaking pdf outputs to produce one box per word.

CFP cfpcompte at yahoo.fr
Sat Jul 3 03:08:53 CEST 2010

Hello Ross,

> Not sure what your definition of "boxes" is here.
Not sure myself; I called them box by lack of a better word...

> What I think is happening is that, normally, there are no space characters
> in the output that pdfLaTeX generates. Thus your e-reader sees just a
> word consisting of all the characters on a single line of the PDF ---
> there are punctuation symbols, which may then be treated as
I see.

> To test this theory, please try the attached PDF which *does* have space
> characters to define word-boundaries. Indeed it has full PDF tagging of 
> structure, including the mathematics.
> It would be very interesting to see what your e-reader does with it.
Woa, it works perfectly! How did you generate this document?


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