[pdftex] Table in the PDF looks different whith the same tex file

Prabhu prabhu6707 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 08:21:11 CET 2010


Please check the attached tex file and the pdf. In the tex file I am
creating a table.

Try to run “pdflatex SampleTable.tex” to see the PDF.

I ran my tex file twice and compared the two pdfs (SampleTable_First Run.pdf
and SampleTable_next run.pdf). They both are not similar.

To me it looks like second pdf is proper.  In the first pdf
(SampleTable_First Run.pdf) the header are not properly placed.

   1. I am not changing anything in the text file, then why in the next run
   the table in the pdf looks different?
   2. Please help me to correct this problem.


For the second run, I did not delete any intermediate files (like .aux,
.log…) generated during first run. If I delete the intermediate files then
for the next run the pdf looks like the first one.
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