[pdftex] Table in the PDF looks different whith the same tex file

Martin Reinders martin at helios.de
Thu Jan 28 08:47:38 CET 2010

On 28.01.2010 8:21 Uhr, Prabhu wrote:
> Hi,
> Please check the attached tex file and the pdf. In the tex file I am
> creating a table.
> Try to run “pdflatex SampleTable.tex” to see the PDF.
> I ran my tex file twice and compared the two pdfs (SampleTable_First Run.pdf
> and SampleTable_next run.pdf). They both are not similar.
> To me it looks like second pdf is proper.  In the first pdf
> (SampleTable_First Run.pdf) the header are not properly placed.
>    1. I am not changing anything in the text file, then why in the next run
>    the table in the pdf looks different?
>    2. Please help me to correct this problem.
> Note:
> For the second run, I did not delete any intermediate files (like .aux,
> .log…) generated during first run. If I delete the intermediate files then
> for the next run the pdf looks like the first one.

>From the "longtable" package documentation:

   Note: Various parts of the following table will not line up correctly
   until this document has been run through LATEX several times. This is
   a characteristic feature of this package, as described below.

Best regards,

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